Welcome to the The Twisted Tales Wiki The Twisted Tales is a book about all of your imaginations and the epic stories ever. Join Arvee , Pia , Jayson , Jazryl and more others with their adventures. The First Book is all about the adventures of the 6 students under Mr. Alex who is now called  Sir Alex by the later chapters. The Second Book is about the returning of Jared and Shaira from the incident before and Arvee and Jayson from the Other Human World. For more information, please search anything that you would like to know and ask if you are encountering some problems or whatsoever.

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Recent Chapter

Chapter 35 (Chapter 22 for the second book)    Pia  .Vs. Blimey

  A Comic Special.

From the last Chapter, Blimey suddenly appears to Pia and attacked her by Grass Knot. In this chapter, Blimey attacks Earth Crush to Pokabaa, who said to be ruining Blimey's way. Blimey said Pia is weak that made her user her Prayer Magic ad lastly, Pia defeated Blimey.

The Chapter stops here. Wait until the Chapter, Characters, and magic are completed.

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Jayson in RBP


He is the Picked Featured Article today Everyone ! Aside from his coldiness, he has the big guts to fight off baddies ! A man of few words, surely all of girls can be in lived ! But be careful of what you say ! He might be mad out of Blue !