Friendships is the 2nd Chapter of The Twisted Tales book 1.

Years passed and few suvivors lived in peace and harmony. Arvee and his friend had a little contest and right after, they went to the class.

The StoryEdit

???: Breakfast is reeeady !!! Wake up guys !

???: Still not morning.... later Arvee...


Pia: Whoa ! Chill out !

Jared: Ahhhh !!! You scared me !

Jazryl: Hey ! Stop Shouting !

Jayson: Grrr fine ! We'll wake up !

Years passed. After the incident, the 6 people who survived was in there peace. Well ... not clearly peace but almost.

Jayson: Another year, another mysterious day ...

Pia: Hmmmph, Sir Alex still don't tell us about our childhood.

Jazryl: Yeah... Kind of.

Jared: Stop Talking ! Eat ! Eat !

Arvee: Yeah! Eat now ! I cooked it all !!!

Later after 5 minutes ...

Arvee: Ha ! First one who finished ! Who will be the last one who will wash the dishes ?

Jared: Haha ! 2nd one !

Jazryl: Third One !

Pia: nom Nom Nom.......

Jayson: Nom Nom Nom...

Who will be the one who will wash the dishes?

Pia: Yes ! I'm the 4th !

Jayson: Awemen... Oh well... ladies first...

Arvee: Hahahaha! Okie ! I'll take a bath ...

Pia: Hey ! Me first !

Arvee: No way ! Besides, I'm the first one who finished !

Jazryl: Hmmmph, unfair !

Jared: ahhaha! Lol !

All: hahahahahahaha !!!

After 2 hours later ...

Krinnnnnggggg !!!

Jayson: Ready Guys?

Pia: Yeah !

Jazryl: As always !!!

Arvee: New year never ends !

Jared: Okie ! Come on ! Mr. Alex is waiting !!!