The Birth is the 1st Chapter of The Twisted Tales book 1.

The Good Towns are having their childs, and the story continues until the one of the Dark Towns destruct the Peace world of World World. 

The StoryEdit

The Town is quiet ... it is ready. The Birth has begun.

???: At Last ! We have a child !

>???: My son... I'm very happy.... you too, right Arthur?

Arthur: Yes my wife and my queen, me, I'm a king, and our son, the Prince... Right Molly?

Molly: But what do we name to our new born baby?

Arthur: Let's call it..... Arvee. 

Molly: Yes ! That's a great name ! Arvee ! Do you hear me, Arvee?

Arvee: Mama ! Papa !

The town of happiness. The town was happy because the prince was born. The King, Queen, Prince and the people in the town of Happiness has been peace ever since the Ancient Fight long ago.

Not only that town but The Towns of Love, Adventure, Unity and more others gave birth also. The knowns are:

Pia on Love town,

Jayson on Adventure town,

Jazryl on Unity town.

Even the Good Towns gave their births, the Dark town, which is one of the Damp Towns, gave birth named Jared.

The Good Towns are also good neighbors. The Kings and Queens of each town also visits the other towns

The Queen of the Dark town was  jealous. Being angered, she attacked all of the towns.

The Kings and Queens knew it will happen 'cause they heard it. They called their only one trusted, faithfully, hopefully and known servant, Alexander.

The Kings and Queens ordered to Alexander that he will keep all the princes and princesses away from all the towns and also away from the Dark town.

Alexander trustedly said yes. Being smart, he said that he will also get the prince of Dark town, in order that the baby will be good.

Alexander's plans succeeded and being away from all the towns but ..... the Dark town also succeeded destroying all the towns. Also, the Kings and Queens died.

The King and Queen of the Dark town was so angry, because their baby was gone. Alexander smiled .... and went away, not looking his back away from the towns.